Food for me is about passion and family tradition. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood include moments of laughter over gourmet meals created by my grandmother, mom and aunts. There would be mornings where I would wake up earlier just so I could help my grandmother cook. Spending that time with her in the kitchen was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was that family tradition that made me fall in love with cooking.

I carried that passion into my adulthood and decided to work within the food industry. It was then that I met my brother-in-law Eduardo, and I knew right away that he would be my right hand man. Eduardo showed me his expertise in leading, training, cooking, and innovating. 

We have been working alongside each other for a very long time now. Together we have an unmatched passion for quality ingredients and traditional family recipes. Our desire is to share those recipes that meant so much to us while growing up. Today, that is exactly what we do at Phil Sandoval’s. From our homes, to your plates, we bring you more than a meal; we bring you a moment in time of memories and laughter. 

Take a Peek Inside the Kitchen to see any dish you select being prepared!